Glutax 35GS Nano Pro VGP skin whitening

Glutax-35g Skin Whitening Injections

Fair and bright skin with energetic physical condition is possible with Glutax 35gs Nano Pro VGP Skin Whitening treatment SD

Glutax 35GS Nano Pro VGP skin whitening treatment is useful against all signs of aging and helps to extirpate many skin related problems like rough skin, wrinkles and dark complexion. This superb skin whitening product makes the skin smoother and firmer by enhancing the damage control mechanism of the body. The product is not only good for the skins, but also a useful detoxifying agent for the entire body including all major organs like liver, kidney, and heart etc. It improves the entire immune system, normalizes enzyme secretion, controls the hormonal balance and numerous other supporting functions.


A closer look at the ingredients will reveal why this skin whitening injection is better than the bests in the market:

  • Glutathione- 35gm
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid- 500 mg
  • Ascorbic Acid 2500 mg
  • Collagen Extract 500 mg
  • Vitamin E- 400mg
  • Kojic Acid- 500 mg
  • Nano Pro Vegetal Placenta- 585mg
  • Nano Pro Coenzymes Q
  • Pro Vitamin B3 350 mg
  • Pro Vitamin B5 350 mg

Presence of Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Ascorbic acid makes any type of human body free from all sorts of toxic matters and also keep the liver, kidney and heart in right conditions. Apart from these, Glutathione and alpha lipoic acid also reduces the melanin concentration in the skin to give a fair and bright look to the skin. Besides, Collagen Pro-vitamin B3 and B5, Kojic Acid, Vitamin E and Pro Vegetal Placenta etc. all have their specific utility for the skin and the human body as whole. Thus, repair of damages cells, growth of new cells, inter cellular connectivity, flexibility of tissues etc. all improves manifold right after starting this wonderful skin whitening treatment.

Effect of Glutax 35GS Nano Pro VGP skin whitening:

Effect of Glutax 35GS Nano Pro VGP skin whitening injections start to show right after the first dose. Not only the user, but everybody surrounding him or her will mark the difference. The skin starts to look smooth and lustrous and personally the user will feel energetic all the time. After a month the body color will began to change with all changing characteristics of the skin.

Dosages and Precautions:

It is always feasible to take doctor’s opinion regarding the dosages for faster and enduring changes in the skin. Normally, one injection every week for a maximum period of 8 weeks is advised. Thereafter, the dosages can be paused for some weeks or continue to maintain the achieved changes. There are some restrictions too like pregnant women and who are presently breast feeding, people with complicated medical history are asked not to take this injection as long as their physicians are not approving.

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